• Image of Bizarre from D12 & Fury: Something Awful - Taking Lives Mixtape

Alternate packaging to the retail ready version. Contains same audio but comes in slimline jewel case with alternate artwork.

What happens when two of Hip-Hop’s biggest weirdos conspire on an album so disgusting it would make even the most avid horrorcore fan wince? The answer: Something Awful. Detroit heavy weight and shower cap aficionado Bizarre (formerly of Eminem’s D12), and Bristol, CT’s political prankster, Fury, have compiled what critics are dubbing “the Most Prolific Horror Album of All Time” in Something Awful’s debut LP entitled “Taking Lives.” The Bizarre/Fury combo offers listeners a sonic bloodbath heavily doused in murder, rape, and sexism; amongst other interests acquired watching snuff flicks with the babysitter.

There is literally no breathing room between the album’s intro and bonus track as Something Awful and a who’s-who list of underground collaborators mutilate the microphone. Icons such as Brotha Lynch Hung, Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs N’ Harmony), Twisted Insane, D12, Intrinzik, and many others add even more depth to the blood red texture of this masterpiece. It doesn't take an autopsy to conclude that this album was not meant for the faint of heart by the graphic content of the CD’s first single/video and title track “Taking Lives” featuring another Detroit legend-in-the-flesh, King Gordy.

Leathal Wreckords in conjunction with the underground’s most reputable artist services company, Underground Hustlin’. LLC, have raised the bar so high in the realm of nightmare-causing carnage that one can only hang themselves from it or mentally prepare for the listening experience of a life-time. Can you handle “Taking Lives, or will it handle you?

1) Intro (Produced by Fury)
2) Smoke You ft Bizzy Bone, Sean Strange, and Madecipha (Produced by hala-X)
3) Taking Lives ft King Gordy (Produced by Micka Mexican, Guitar by Dos the Boss)
4) The Babysitter (Skit) (Produced by Fury)
5) Awful World ft Kryptik and Intrinzik (Produced by Danny Damnage)
6) Love the Way You Die ft Whiteout and DTS (Produced By Danny Damnage)
7) I'm Crazy ft The Jokerr, Majik Duce, Trikkd Out, Ether, and Lewn ( Produced by Atomic Beats)
8) Family ft Twisted Insane and Tre Lb of Chop Shop (Produced by 2 Deep)
9) Peeping Tom ft Q Strange, Bob E Nite, and Ether (Produced by Evelution)
10) I Don't Know What I Did Last Night ft Brotha Lynch Hung and King Gordy (Produced by Black)
11) Day Off ft Dr Gigglez and DTS (Produced by Allrounda Productions)
12) The Cypher ft D12, Leathal Wreckords, and Top Prospect (Produced by Beat g33kz )
13) I Can Do Anything ft B-Lieve (Produced by Adamac)
14) Next Level ft Freeze (Produced by Micka Mexican)

Taking Lives Cypher