• Image of Underground Hustlin' Playing Cards

Featuring art by McNastee on every card!

Past UGH hosts and the dopest up-and-comers in the underground scene!

Artists featured in this monumental deck include:

2Much Agyni AJ Jordan Avira Axe Murder Boyz Big Booth BigRed Bizarre Bloodstepp Boondox C Danger Cadaver Carni Chuck E Lee Crook Daisy De La Hoya Dawn Avril
D-Mon Fury Insane Loc Intrinzik Isolated Beingz JPK Justinsayne N8V King Gordy Krupt
Laires Rellik Lazy Ass Destroyer Lo Key Mars MC Eiht McNastee Menacide Mr Grey MzNLiNK Nino White Omega OS7 Outbreak Monkey Pakelika Psyco Sick Asylum Razakel Reel Lyfe Syde Show Ron Jeremy Ryam Sikk Sampson Seedless SNAP Super ‘Ro
Swing De Diablo THC The Real Chaos Wicked Blue Wiley FLEW Yatz

Each deck comes wrapped with 54 unique poker sized playing cards!